Hi there. 🙂

Welcome to NurishingNuggets!   I’d like to share with you a little bit about myself while you’re here.

My name is Cheryl.  I’m a single lady privileged to be living in the mountain west region of the USA.  I didn’t grow up here; I grew up as part of a missionary family in Latin America. So I tend to be a bit of a mix of cultures, myself. 🙂

I’ve always been fascinated with homemaking the “old fashioned way.”  I grew up very influenced by Midwestern Mennonite community living (I used to dream of being a farmer’s wife!), and learned at an early age to cook from scratch, appreciating the old ways of doing things.  It didn’t hurt that the “old ways of doing things” were pretty much the “norm” for the places I lived and the people I grew up with. 😀   On top of that, I’ve always been very interested in history and how people used to go about the business of living.  I love discovering the art of living naturally, and I’m absolutely fascinated with natural means of healing, herbs, nutritional health, natural non-toxic homemaking and lots of other things! 🙂

I’m a conventionally trained RN, specializing in maternity and newborns.  I still work in that field, but my heart is no longer in “conventional medicine”. I pretty exclusively use all natural approaches to health for myself, now.  I started on this journey more than a decade ago, because I have been endowed with chronic health problems that don’t respond to conventional medicine. I’m excited about what I’ve learned and keep learning! especially as relates to herbology, and natural and nutritional means for restoring and maintaining health.  I have a new dream of maybe becoming a master herbologist some day. 🙂  In the meantime, I’m my own little functioning microcosm of “complementary medicine”, as I learn more and more of “alternate” means for health and healing. 🙂

You may have noticed that I used the word “endowed” earlier in referring to my health.  It’s not necessarily “fun” and I live a pretty limited life when compared to others, but I firmly believe that my great, good and loving Heavenly Father has in His wisdom created this pathway for my life.  In fact, while it has seemed to be an interruption of “what my life could have been”, in reality, this was the path He planned for me to walk in from before the beginning of time.  He has not only planned good works for me to carry out on this journey (Eph. 2: 10), but He promises me that His Holy Spirit will not only give me the will to accomplish what pleases Him, but enable me to carry it out (Phil 2:13).  Isn’t that a wonderful promise?!

This is my great foundation and the source of my life:

I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.”   Gal 2:20

God has declared that the life I lived since my physical birth was a life of dying, decay and destruction, no matter how good it appeared on the surface.  I was a creature of sin; separated from Him, my Creator and source of my very life, for all eternity because I could do nothing in my sinful state to get myself out of that state, or that would be untainted with sin enough to be able to earn God’s favor.

But God, in His wonderful love and full of mercy (not giving me what I deserved) and grace (gifting me with what I don’t deserve), provided His own solution to my dilemma. God the Son, Jesus Christ, came to this earth in the form of His own creation (human man), to live a human life without any sinful blemish, and then to give up His life as the acceptable payment for my sin.  He died, paying the price that I owed to God for my sin: death.  And because that price was payed for my former life, I now have a new life through Jesus Christ, and He has made the way clear for me to live in fellowship with God, my Father.  Not only that, but Jesus’ righteousness has been credited to my account; giving me unending, never to be lost favor with my God. This is Good News! 😀

My hope and prayer is that in sharing through NurishingNuggets about my life, my interests, my God, and my journey  that you will be nourished or have new information for nourishing yourself in spirit, body, emotionally, visually and many other ways.   I hope you’re blessed!

Cheryl 🙂

P.S. I just found the following about the word “pay”. I think it’s fascinating, particularly applying it to the idea of Jesus’ payment for us! 🙂

The word ultimately comes from the classical Latin pacare, meaning to appease, pacify, reduce to peace.

In a note on the history of the word, American Heritage says: “Given the unpeaceful feelings one often has in paying bills or income taxes, it is difficult to believe that the word pay ultimately derives from the Latin word pax, ‘peace.’ ”

“However, it is not the peace of the one who pays that is involved in this development of meaning,” AH adds. “From pax, meaning ‘peace’ and also ‘a settlement of hostilities,’ was derived the word pacare, ‘to impose a settlement on peoples or territories.’ ”

In post-classical Latin, according to the dictionary, pacare took on the sense of to appease, and paiier, the Old French word that evolved from it, came to mean to pacify or satisfy a creditor.

This sense of the word, AH notes, “came into Middle English along with the word paien (first recorded around the beginning of the 13th century), the ancestor of our word pay.  http://www.grammarphobia.com/blog/2011/04/paid-payed.html


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Carolyn (Mom) said:

    Great to read your blog…thanks for letting us know!

    I am always amazed at the ability the Lord has given you to express yourself in words!

    Love to you!!

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