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Wholesome goodness

So this might seem a bit silly, but as I was compiling and constructing my breakfast, surveying the bounty before me . . . I got really excited about it, and wanted to share! 🙂

See that picture up there?  It’s almost all homemade, from scratch.

1 – The YUMMY bread:  my second loaf of this SUPER easy, very yummy recipe – Crusty Bread.   This is a picture of my first loaf: 

It’s not exactly Nourishing Traditions approved (you know, white flour and all), BUT I used unbleached, unenriched white flour and since it sits for more than 12 hrs before baking, it’s most certainly “soaked flour”!  That counts. 😀

That yummy stuff slathered on the bread?

2 – Homemade pear butter!  and organic cultured butter. 🙂  (I’m out of pastured butter right at the moment.)

I don’t have a “recipe” for the pear butter . . . I just sorta winged it.  But I can tell you what I did, if you wanted to sorta wing it yourself. 🙂 I’ll put that in the next blog or two. 🙂

3 – A big slab of oh-so-healthy-for-you grass-fed, Kerrygold cheese!  This is Dubliner, I believe.  LOVE it! 🙂

If I wasn’t eating Kerrygold, I’d be eating one of the many raw cheeses that I can get at Whole Foods.  Such a blessing to have access to raw cheese there!  (since I don’t have access to raw milk at the moment)

4 – Orange-sicle Smoothie!

YUMMM!  This started out life as a “creamsicle” (still have several of those in my freezer, in fact).  Then, it was going to become an ice cream base.  Then it was reframed to a smoothie.  AND, to be honest, once I got done with that – it was more like a creamsicle icecream! 😀  But whatever you call it, it’s very yummy, and very good FOR you!

This is what I did:

  • Roughly 1 C organic OJ
  • Roughly 1 C combination of whole milk, half-and-half, and heavy cream (all grass-fed, vat pasteurized) – had more to do with how much of each I wanted to use up! 😉
  • Stevia extract powder (I ONLY use KAL Stevia Extract)
  • pinch or two sea salt
  • approximately 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 2 organic egg yolks ( I have absolutely NO problem using raw eggs, especially if they come from pastured, organic, small farm sources)

I blended this all up together  – using my brand new stick blender that I got for my birthday! Thank you very much P&G! 🙂  Then put it in the freezer in a bowl.  My intention was to go through the steps for making ice cream without an ice cream maker (I’ll introduce you to that one once I accomplish it successfully! :D) but instead just left it in the freezer over night!  lol

Sooo, for my smoothie/ice cream, I brought the mix out of the freezer and let it thaw enough to be able to break it up into pieces, put a bunch of this in a blender cup, added some extra half-and-half, a bit more stevia (sweetness is less “sweet” when something’s frozen), some more sea salt (helps with the perception of sweet and gives it that rich depth of flavor) . . . and went to town!   I ended up with a big cup of what basically turned out to be orangesicle soft-serve!  lol

Orangesicle Smoothie