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I wanted to share these great ideas for decorating Easter eggs that I discovered recently!  But I’ve written this post 4 times now, with pretty pictures and links and quirky narrative, and the Internet elves have absconded with my content every time!!

So for now, I’m just going to post the links for 2 different methods of decorating Easter eggs that I find very intriguing (and new to me), and hopefully it will “hold” this time! 🙂

Update: Yea!  I finally got the pics to stick so you can see a little taste of what I’m excited about. 🙂  Now, go forth, click away, and make beautiful things! 😀

Method One

Silk tie-dyed eggs, in process! this is not the final product! 🙂

Silk tie-dyed eggs.  I first saw this on an email from Our Best Bites, a lovely blog with lots of yummy and creative ideas.  I LOVE the pictorial tutorial, and you’ve just got to see how these eggs turn out!

Method Two

Lace eggs

Lace eggs.  I saw these just today on Pinterest and followed it back to Martha Stewart’s blog.  (She also has several other methods for decorating eggs listed at this site.)  I just love the delicate, lacy look and how pretty all the different patterns look in a mono-chromatic scheme.

Ok, I’m going to see if I can actually post this now!  and if it goes through, I’ll try to come back and link up some pics so you can get an idea of why I think these methods look so exciting. 🙂 (guess what? it worked! 😉 )

I’d love to hear if anyone tried these methods and how your eggs turned out, even a link to some pictures if you have them!

Has anyone tried other creative ways of decorating eggs, beside the usual dunk-them-in-food coloring method? 😉